Manor House Primary School & 4th Frodsham Brownies

Frodsham Manor House has a strong tradition of singing and have been awarded a Sing Up Platinum Award. We are a singing school and have happy, enthusiastic as well as talented singers who regularly perform in the community and throughout the county often as guest performers with adult choirs. There are 85 children in the full Key Stage Two Choir (aged 7-11) of which a selection will be perfoming today with another 25 in a Key Stage One Singing Club. For the Singathon we will be performing some pieces which we learnt for the Young Voices series of concerts in Manchester as well as some of our favourite songs which we sing in school assemblies. Do feel free to join in.  Music in the school is directed by Assistant Headteacher, Naomi Anstice. Many of our choir are members of 4th Frodsham Brownies led by Michelle Hopley with her team so today we are here representing both groups and looking forward to participating in this exciting community event.